November 22, 2007

I L-O-V-E Christmas!

I think I love it the most because of the all the great recipes for cookies, desserts, meals, hors'dourves and the crafts for the girls & I to make. This year we are working on some small gifts for friends & family that will involve screen-printing, embroidery, sewing, and carving.

The pics above are just some of the many piles of holiday books I have been looking at for inspiration. I promised my hubby I will make them disappear soon.


andrea said...

So, what have you been making from all of these books this year?
I pulled out all of my holiday books the other day and the stack is nearly as big as yours. So far I'm not very motivated, lol!

Steph said...

I need to pull them out in the summer next year. I had too many ideas and plans but my girls came first...violin lessons, guitar lessons, choir practice, and daily life ate all my time. We did manage wood block printed Christmas cards and screen printed dolls. I'll post the pics soon. I've got the motivation but not the time, unless I give up my beauty sleep...I can't afford to give that up! My husband starts calling me the "grumpy crafter".