July 7, 2006

Koi Party

For Ava's 7th birthday, she wanted a Koi themed party. Luckily, she has a summer birthday and Mom Mom Terri & Pop Pop Bob have a pool. Once we decided on the theme, we planned a trip to NYC to one of our favorite stores, Pearl River in Soho. We purchased Koi windsocks for each guest as a goody bag, tied the end and filled it with different Japanese candies, and a set of chopsticks for fun. On the way home from New York, I sketched out the plan for the Koi cake. We used about 3 sheet cakes, sculpted the shape of the cake with a knife, lots of buttercream icing, and fondant. Ava was okay with cutting the cake, although it was filled with strawberry cake, which is not her favorite. I made chocolate cupcakes with pink icing, red swedish fish and a tiki drink umbrella. I tried to make all of the food either red (tomato pie, M&M's), pink or asian. All paper goods were plain pink and the table linens were a red marimekko print. The children swam, hula hooped, and had a great time, especially Ava.


mamafabun said...

The koi cake is fantastic! I'm so excited to have just stumbled upon your blog. You do great work!

Steph said...

mamafabun thanks!! you are so kind to say so.