July 23, 2006

No cakes...just tiki's

Once you have the inspiration for a theme (ie.-tiki's), the location, the props and a group of great friends, you have the making for a entertaining party. We had our Semi-Annual Tiki Party this summer. We had over 50 of our friends attend donning Polynesian attire and supplying a bounty of amazing polynesian food & desserts. Side note as a hostess: any party over 20 people, make it a covered dish affair. After renting a margarita machine, we disliked the stock "parrot head" signage, so my husband customized it. He hand lettered the drink names on all of the beverages. He also has a collection, ahem...HUGE collection, of tiki mugs. As a guest, you chose your beverage of choice-Zombie, Mai-Tai, and Non-alcoholic Kona Punch (for the kiddies). My daughter, Ava, has a Hawaiian Shave Ice machine and decided to entertain her friends with a refreshing treat. Besides all of the fabulous food, our guests came bearing gifts. Katie supplied every guest with a silk lei that our girls handed out, Hank brought a surfboard for the kids to play and hula on, and Mike, our neighbor, supplied a few logs of cherry wood from his private stock for our fire pit. We had a live band play a few Don Ho & Martin Denny tunes. It helps when your husband, a good friend and brother-in-law throw together a band at the last minute. The clean up was long but worth it. I can't wait til' next year!

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